The same, but not the same!
Each version of EXPANSE is based on the same sample set, and general patch design, but that is where the similarites end. The Kontakt version takes advantage of Kontakt specific filter types, effects, and modulators. The included K3 bonus patches utilize the Step Modulator, adding further to the motion and expression of these sounds, all in sync with the tempo.

The ReFill version takes a different approach, utilizing the Combinator, and other Reason specific devices, features, and effects that allow for realtime expressive control over the timbre, envelope, space, motion, and other variables in relation to the structure of each patch.

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EXPANSE ReFill EXPANSE for Kontakt

EXPANSE is a collection of multi-sampled 24bit waveforms that can be played as instruments, used as drones, or to create tonal beds. Some touching on the traditional, others exploring the surreal or etherial, but never too close to the mundane, and never too far away that they loose the listeners connection.

Film, Video Game and Multimedia composers will find these instruments as inspirational starting points and accents, but their use is not limited to these types of productions. Let your imagination guide you.

The goal of this library was to create illustrative timbres that inspire their presence in the users compositions. Used as a centerpiece, ambience or pad, EXPANSE provides modern sounds for the modern composer.

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EXPANSE K3 Bonus Patches

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