Oxide Kits Vol 1


Oxide Kits Volume One - WaveFront Edition.

From the acclaimed WaveFront Library, Oxide Kits Volume One was included as bonus content in the original release. Now in Ableton Live Impulse, NI Battery 3, Reason ReDrum, and .WAV format, the funky space station junkyard vibe is available to all.

Each format is pre-mapped using all of the sample content. For those interested in mapping the hits to their favorite sampler or manipulating the sounds in their DAW of choice, these samples are also available in .WAV format -offering a wide range of accessibility to these exotic hits.

If you are looking for an electro-organic drum solution, these kits will thud - stomp and clank your problems away. Excellent for the styles of IDM and Industrial, these kits can be easily utilized for a distinct vibe and flavor in all variants of Electronica, Hip-Hop and Alternative Rock. Multimedia and Film Composers will also find inspiration in this diverse collection of drum kits.

Each format includes all of the same sample data, and while the kits are mapped as close as possible to match each format, there are some differences, such as pads per kit, filters, and ADSR - all given the proper tweaking for each drum sampler.

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191 KITS -
275 KITS - 104mb.zip
33 KITS - 226mb.zip
191 KITS - 489mb.zip
1,066 files - 224mb.zip

Reason® ReFill

Ableton® Impulse

NI Battery 3



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