Beats for your beats! Modify Volume One is a collection of percussion and textural loops / tops to add some extra flavor to your tracks. Ideal for EDM but not limited to any genre.

Drop some loops in and Modify your beats. Each volume will concentrate on a different tempo, and some will be revisited. Volume One is at 128 bpm which is ideal for modern dance, electro house, and all forms of electronica.

Call them tops, percussion, or texture loops, they are designed to be used in tandem with existing beats - these loops are at your disposal to be used how you see fit. Sliced or as a whole.

Comes complete with the obligatory bass drum, and hi-hat loops heard in the demo tracks which travel the diversity of this library.

Click for audio demos and more info...

NEW! PROCESS KITS VOLUME ONE - KONG Kits for Reason 6.5 or greater.

From the archives comes a special collection of drum kits, specifically processed to add character and impact. No single process was applied, but over-proccessing was avoided leaving potential for them to be taken further. These are tastefully processed with complex chains to make them mix ready, and easy to find inspiration from for your next production.

The audio demos exhibit how these kits can be used together. There are alternate versions for each kit so if you feel something could be different, be sure to audition the alternate kit versions.

Listen to the demos to hear what Process Kits Volume One has to offer your productions.

Click for audio demos and more info...

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